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Film and video production has undergone dramatic change. Presentations are more complex, more demanding and cover a much wider scope. Footage viewed by audiences are covering more information in shorter time spans than even a few years ago. Production today is more intellectually challenging. The script writing process test the abilities of the best writers involving more research with tighter deadline. Revisions occur later and more frequently. Extensive change require additional time to handle the re-writes.

The result?

Less time for professional and non-professional talent to familiarize or memorize the material involved. Revisions pose significant threat to going over budget on talent, crew, studio and location fees.
Auto-Q offers a perfect solution to these challenges. Using computerized teleprompting technology the problems associated with script revisions are minimized. Clients maintain complete flexibility, assured their budgets will be as projected.

Auto-Q provides you with the teleprompting operator & teleprompting equipment for your shoot.

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